Performance Orders & Results

Classic, Dance Classic, & Championship Performance Orders

Big Mac Showdown - Championship 2/26/17

STUDIO LIVE! Richmond, VA - 3/4/17


Parents, Family and Friends: Please keep in mind that all posted performances orders are tentative and are subject to change the day of the event.  It's possible that your child may compete before or after their scheduled time.  Please plan to arrive at the venue approximately 30 minutes prior to your child's performance in order to ensure that you will not miss their performance.  The most updated performance order will be available at the event.

Classic, Dance Classic, & Championship Results

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2017 STUDIO LIVE! Richmond, VA Results





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Show Your Spirit to WIN!

Break out the face paint and glitter signs - it's time to Show Your Spirit!  At each event, the fans who show the most spirit, enthusiasm and sportsmanship will win this coveted award PLUS some event discounts for their organization!  Click above to find out more!

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