Overnight Camps

Before the pep rallies and games begin, start strengthening your team’s bond at camp! AmeriCheer creates a fun, Spirited atmosphere where teams can discover what makes them UNIQUE, instill team FIRST qualities and build traditions for the year through our interactive curriculum that is unequaled and unparalleled – resulting in the best spirit leaders for their school!

At AmeriCheer, you are in good hands as we provide only our best when it comes to your safety. We’ll have you covered everyday and every step of the way through:

  • Providing a safe learning environment
  • Daily warm-up and conditioning and stretching sessions
  • Step-by-step teaching techniques and progressions
  • 24 hour adult administrative staff and first aid responders


Get your groove on with this camp favorite which includes super easy and fun, yet effective moves to:

  • Band Cheers and Band Dances
  • Sideline Dances
  • Time-out/Pom Dances 
  • Fight Song Routine


Learn what it takes to effectively incorporate visual aides to better enhance all of your crowd-leading skills. This “Gotta-Know-It” session will include techniques on the best ways to master the effective use of signs, poms, megaphones, flags and much more!


So many dances...so many choices! Dances are what we are known for and this year will be no different. Perfect for all ability levels, you’ll turn heads with the all the latest and greatest, fun, age appropriate moves to include:

  • Cheer Dances
  • Funk Dances
  • Hip Hop Dances
  • Much, Much More!


Learn the ins-and-outs of developing outstanding jumps as well as sharp, crisp motions to compliment all of your cheers and sidelines through our comprehensive training skill building sessions.

Note: Jump and motion sessions will offer individualized jump critiques and exercises to strengthen arms and legs, increase flexibility and develop key areas of muscle use for maximum improvement. 


Get your fans and student section on their feet and get them “Loud-And- Proud” throughout the game by learning to effectively lead your crowd during crucial time-out situations with your traditional school yell, chant or cheer!


If you are a building team, we know your favorite thing to do is to learn new building skills. From core stunts to new innovative techniques and transitions, learn the ultimate in new and exciting building skills for your team. If you do not build....no problem for we’ll offer alternative classes that’ll provide you with more valuable workshops and material to take home!

Note: All building sessions will be divided according to ability levels and will adhere to the 2016-2017 NFHS Spirit Guidelines.


“Team-it-up” while building, bonding and growing through our daily fun and interactive team building activities that will unite your team and lay the foundation to embark upon your season!


Our material is created specifically for maximum crowd response and perfect for all game situations. Additional, you’ll learn select performance style material that will WOW any half-time pep rally or community performances.


Gage your camp success by participating in daily high energy/low pressure “progress checks” via intimate group settings. These sessions are perfect for remembering just learned material, building confidence and from receiving written feedback for our staff as to how you are doing when it comes to giving it your all! 

Note: All evaluations will consist of material learned at camp so there’s no need to prepare any home cheers. 


The heart and soul of AmeriCheer, our knowledgeable and creative staff will provide their best to propel your team to readiness. Through up-close and personal one-on-one daily instruction time, you’ll get the attention you deserve as we:

  • Guide you with valuable input and ideas
  • Find and enhance your team's strengths
  • Provide comprehensive and valuable feedback
  • Encourage team members' input and creativity
  • Build confidence and self worth


Nothing is more important than a week of working together as a team. That’s why we’ll work with you on developing pertinent leadership and unity skills that’ll enable you to become the kind of leaders your school deserves!

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How to Register:

1. Envision the perfect camp for your team. Remember: at the time of registration you'll need to submit $50 per athlete non-refundable deposit to lock in your camp.

2. Choose how to register. Remember: to add any earned Reward Codes to your registration form!

For online camp registration: Register through AmeriDanceInc.com or ECAEDA.com by creating or signing into an online account.

For print camp registration: Download and print the PDF version of the Home or Overnight Camp registration form available on AmeriDanceInc.com or ECAEDA.com and mail, fax, or email your registration into your corporate office.

3. Receive your home camp instructor match and create your curriculum vision. 

Instructor Match: will be made by utilizing your registration and team profile. We will match you with the best instructor(s) for your team to ensure your best camp experience.

Curriculum Vision: developed with our cutting edge material and your vision - together we will create a schedule that fits your team. You will be able to choose from a menu of camp programing including Routine Styles, Daily Evaluation Options, Team Bonding Experiences, Technical Sessions and more!

4. Finalize your overnight camp registration. Once registration and deposit are received, Head Coach/Advisor/Contact will receive a confirmation email that includes schedule, location, and more about your camp.

CheerSounds is the official music mix provider for Eastern's 2016 Cheer and Dance Summer Camps.  Check them out for all of your music mixes!