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Date(s): March 4, 2017

Location: Cosby High School • Richmond, VA

Master Class Information

George Jones Jr. will be teaching a 2-hour Jazz Funk Master Class at STUDIO LIVE! Richmond. Join just for the Master Class or check out STUDIO LIVE! Richmond for a full day of dance!


Master Class - $50 per dancer (for just the Master Class)

Master Class - $25 per dancer (for STUDIO LIVE! Richmond Competitors) - Click here to learn more about STUDIO LIVE! Richmond.

First teacher complimentary, and for every 10 dancers studio will receive an additional complimentary teacher. No observation fee.

Call 1.800.940.4322 or email sara@ecaeda.com to register today!

George Jones Jr.

Born in Arlington Va, George started dance at the age of 17 through a musical theatre program, Arlington Youth Street Theatre. He attended Marymount Manhattan College (NYC) where he received a BA in Dance and studied ballet Modern, Jazz, and Musical Theatre for the next 4 years.

After graduating, George started his professional career in NYC, auditioning for theater and commercial work. This is when he met Anastasia. She was his agent and worked so hard for him. Once reaching the ceiling in New York he moved to Los Angeles in 2008. Within a month he audition with 500 dancers and was on tour with Britney Spears (the Circus Tour). George is also a principle dancer in her "If You Seek Amy" and "3" Music videos. From there he didn't stop working, moving on to Tour with Jennifer Lopez as well as Nicki Minaj. With them he's been seen on " Ellen" , "MTV VMAs", " American Music Awards", " The Tonight Show" as well as " the Today Show" .
Once George had his first child he switched tracks and started focusing on choreography and educating so that he could be more stationary. He has choreographed for JLo, New Kids on the Block, Nicki Minaj and more. He is currently a faculty hip hop/ street jazz instructor at Broadway Dance Center NYC , Millennium Dance Complex, and Movement Life Style (Los Angeles) as well as the Underground Dance Centre, Toronto. George has also taught on conventions and Master Classes for Shock the Intensive, Monsters of Hip Hop, Co Dance and UDA!
George Jones Jr


Setting the Barre Recognition Awards

  • Choreography - This high honor is given to the choreographer who created the routine that had the most impressive choreography of the competition. 
  • Technique - The technique award is given to the group, line, or production routine that demonstrated the most outstanding technique. This is based on judges' recommendation.
  • Entertainment - This is awarded to the most entertaining routine of the competition. 
  • Costume - This is awarded to the best costume based on design, originality, fit, and appropriateness. This is based on judges' recommendation.
  • Judges Choice - This is awarded to a group, line, or production routine displaying outstanding qualities during their performance.
  • STUDIO LOVE! - This fun award will be awarded to the studio that shows the most love to fellow studios. This can be done in many ways. STUDIO LIVE! judges, instructors, and staff will be on the look out for a studio using the most creative ways to show support at every competition.
  • Educator - This educator award will be given to one studio owner/teacher at each competition based on nominations and outstanding educational practices. Studio owner/teacher nomination forms must be submitted on StudioLiveDance.com to be eligible.
  • Studio Spotlight - This prestigious award will be presented to a studio chosen based on judges' recommendation, showmanship and the scores of the top five group, line and production routines.


Competition Pricing:

  • $90/person for Solo Routine
  • $55/person for Duet/Trio Routine
  • $50/person for Group Routine
  • $40/person for Line/Production Routine

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