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Date(s): March 24 - March 26, 2017

Location: • Myrtle Beach , SC

Master Class Information

J. Static will be teaching a 2-hour Hip Hop Master Class at STUDIO LIVE! MYRTLE BEACH! Join just for the Master Class or check out the STUDIO LIVE! Myrtle Beach for a full day of dance!


Master Class - $50 per dancer (for just the Master Class)

Master Class - $25 per dancer (for STUDIO LIVE! Myrtle Beach or EDA Nationals Competitors) - Click here to learn more about the STUDIO LIVE! Myrtle Beach Competition. Click here to learn more about EDA Nationals. 

First teacher complimentary, and for every 10 dancers studio will receive an additional complimentary teacher. No observation fee.


J. Static

J. Static is a 23 year old instructor from Richmond, Virginia. He is a performing artist and inspiring choreographer, who found his love for dance while dancing in his Show Choir group in High School. Since then J. Static has gone on to choreograph and instruct other show choir groups and studios throughout Virginia. He has danced and battled with legendary dancers from So You Think You Can Dance and Beyonce's dancers, Les Twins! He also started his own Hip Hop crew by the name of Planet X. In addition to choreographing and teaching dancers, he also has experience judging various styles of dance and teams. J.Static has a great amount of energy and passion for the world of dance and is constantly growing as an artist, while helping young dancers grow themselves. 



Setting the Barre Recognition Awards

  • Choreography - This high honor is given to the choreographer who created the routine that had the most impressive choreography of the competition. 
  • Technique - The technique award is given to the group, line, or production routine that demonstrated the most outstanding technique. This is based on judges' recommendation.
  • Entertainment - This is awarded to the most entertaining routine of the competition. 
  • Costume - This is awarded to the best costume based on design, originality, fit, and appropriateness. This is based on judges' recommendation.
  • Judges Choice - This is awarded to a group, line, or production routine displaying outstanding qualities during their performance.
  • STUDIO LOVE! - This fun award will be awarded to the studio that shows the most love to fellow studios. This can be done in many ways. STUDIO LIVE! judges, instructors, and staff will be on the look out for a studio using the most creative ways to show support at every competition.
  • Educator - This educator award will be given to one studio owner/teacher at each competition based on nominations and outstanding educational practices. Studio owner/teacher nomination forms must be submitted on StudioLiveDance.com to be eligible.
  • Studio Spotlight - This prestigious award will be presented to a studio chosen based on judges' recommendation, showmanship and the scores of the top five group, line and production routines.


Competition Pricing:

  • $90/person for Solo Routine
  • $55/person for Duet/Trio Routine
  • $50/person for Group Routine
  • $40/person for Line/Production Routine

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