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Type: EDA Nationals Dance Team Championships

Date(s): March 25 - March 26, 2017

Location: The Alabama Theatre • Myrtle Beach, SC

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This event is a U.S. Finals qualifier!

Awards Package:


Team Competition

  • Trophies awared to teams placing 1st-3rd
  • Honorable Mention Trophies Awarded


Individual Compeition

  • Division Champions receive Trophies, Medals, Plaques & Jackets
  • 2nd Place - 5th Place receive Trophies, Medals & Plaques
  • 6th Place + receive Medals

Team Competition

  • Trophies awarded to teams placing 1st-3rd
  • Champions in each division will receive National Champion Jackets
  • Eastern Elite Team - Routine with the highest score of the day
  • All Around Champion Trophy - Teams competing in 3 categories or more will have their top 3 scores added together and team with the highest total will win All Around Champion
  • Specialty Awards - Voted on by the judges, specialty awards will be given in the following categories
    • Best Costumes
    • Most Innovative Choreography
    • Amazing Technique
    • Best Prop
    • Most Creative Kick Sequence
    • Best Showmanship
    • Best Pom Visuals
  • Show Your Spirit/Sweet Escape - Click Here for Details
  • InBid Award - Click Here for Details
  • Bids to the U.S. Finals


2016-2017 Event Pricing: 

Dance Teams

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Registration Fee $100 per person
First Routine $25 per person

Additional Routines

$25 per person 

Dance Soloists

$50 per routine

Dance Duets/Trios

$50 per person per routine

*The balance will be due by the event(s) registration deadline.  All deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Scoring & Performance Order

Please note: All All Star dance teams will need to be registered as a member through USASF, as the EDA Nationals is a USASF sanctioned event. For any questions please visit USASF’s Membership Page to find your USASF representative.

Spectator Fee:


Adults (19-59 yrs) $20

Youth (5-18 yrs)/Senior Citizens (60+ yrs) & Military ID $15

Under 5 & Military Dressed FREE


Adults (19-59 yrs) $35

Youth (5-18 yrs)/Senior Citizens (60+ yrs) & Military ID $25

Under 5 & Military Dressed FREE

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